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Today Pentecostalism is arguably the most influencial movement in 21st-century Christianity. As the fastest growing movement in the world, it's not surprising that widespread understanding of Pentecostalism has not kept up. Few Christians themselves really understand Pentecost, much less society at large. In fact, most charismatic Christians as well as Pentecostals show a very limited understanding of their own movement. Few understand its history; its origin and development. Few understand its doctrines; the distinctive emphases that make Pentecostalism unique as a Christian movement. And that's the reason for Talking Pentecostalism.

Talking Pentecostalism should be helpful reading for anybody. Christian or not, this site will help you to gain a better understanding of not just Pentecostalism itself, but Christian spirituality in particular. Most of my readers come via Google, with questions raised by Pentecostalism, or questions about Pentecost and the charismatic movement. You may be a Pentecostal Christian, or not. You may be a friend or a relative of a charismatic Christian. Whatever your relationship to Pentecostalism, this blog is for you.

Having said this, my articles are written with a Christian audience specifically in mind. Talking Pentecostalism encourages all Christians to think and talk about one of the most significant changes that has occurred in the Church in recent history. I believe in the importance of reading and thinking and talking to one another through the Scriptures as they bare on the developments in the Christian culture of our time, as well as the changes that have preceded us and look to continue into the future. Of critical importance, I want Pentecostals themselves to understand their own movement in light of the Scriptures.

But I'd love this blog to do even more than that. I pray that as we talk about Pentecostalism and history, Christianity and culture, the Bible and Jesus Christ, we will grow in our knowledge of God as he reveals himself through the pages of the Bible. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God. I also believe that the message of the Bible points the spot light, not on the Holy Spirit and his gifts and work in Christians, but centre stage belongs to God himself as glorified by the work of the Lord Jesus Christ for God and for his people. "For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever!" (Romans 11:36).

I encourage you, begin the dialogue towards understanding as we talk Pentecostalism.

Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy.

Joe Towns (July 2008)

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