Pentecostalism's famous five

Pentecostalism is known for its focus on the work of the Holy Spirit. Pentecostals have characteristic beliefs about the Spirit's work that are unique. A distinct view of 'baptism in the Spirit,' including the necessity of 'speaking in tongues,' gave birth to Pentecostalism. Also, an emphasis on the 'gifts of the Spirit' has been an important characteristic of the movement since its origin. In addition, Pentecostalism has developed specific beliefs about the Holy Spirit and 'divine healing' (including 'prosperity'), 'praise and worship' and 'guidance' (or 'revelation').

I call them the famous five:
1 – Baptism in the Spirit (including speaking in tongues)
2 – Gifts of the Spirit (also including speaking in tongues)
3 – Divine Healing and Prosperity
4 – Praise and Worship
5 – Guidance and Revelation

One of the aims of Talking Pentecostalism is to discuss each of these areas in turn in order to understand Pentecostalism better. At each stage we'll also look at the Scriptures themselves in order to understand them better. But the place to begin is by getting Pentecostalism in context. This means understanding its history and particularly its origin.

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