Comment: Motives?

Posted by [Undisclosed] on 31/12/2006:

What is Talking Pentecostalism about? Why have you created a blog all about the history of Pentecostalism? What's your agenda? Is it really only to stimulate thinking, mutual understanding and dialogue between Christians, as you claim? I'd like to believe that, but... I don't…

We ought to be living Pentecostalism, and not just talking about it! (This of course presupposes that Pentecostal theology is correct - which I believe it is).

I'm honestly not sure what your agenda is, but I'd be happy to bet that it's very clearly anti-Pentecostal. I'm willing to bet that as you continue to post your articles on Talking Pentecostalism, your anti-Pentecostal position will become more apparent…

Ok, hold up for a moment. Let's get something sorted out before I go any further... I like you. I think you’re a great guy. You and I are both Christians. That makes you my brother in Christ. I love you and respect you.

I'm not launching any kind of personal attack on you… I am simply a Christian (of the Pentecostal variety, yes) who is saddened by the direction you have taken in your theology. Why? Because of the influence you have in the Christian circles and ministries within which you operate. I am saddened that under your teaching and leadership, Christians will not come to experience the essential ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in their churches.

Put simply, I believe you are completely wrong on this one.

Reply by Joe on 8/1/2007:

Hello [Undisclosed],

Thanks very much for responding to Talking Pentecostalism.

My impression from your comment is that you feel very strongly about what you are saying, and I appreciate that.

There's probably little point me saying, “Don't worry, I'm not anti-Pentecostal,” because by the sounds of things you're already planning to keep reading my blog, which I'd have recommended anyway.

In time I'm sure you'll find that the sort of conversation I'd like to have with my readers is quite constructive: of the “mutually beneficial” variety.

Many of my readers who are Pentecostal will come to understand Pentecostalism more as a result of Talking Pentecostalism, as will those who are not. And of course I'll also be learning more about Pentecostalism, particularly as I grow to understand Christians like yourself from your responses to my blog.

I'll be particularly interested if you are able to engage with the details of what I have written (which you can be sure about), rather than interpretations of my motives (which you cannot be sure about).

Peace in Christ our Lord,

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